Environment variables

Here are the environment variables CuPy uses.

CUDA_PATH Path to the directory containing CUDA. The parent of the directory containing nvcc is used as default. When nvcc is not found, /usr/local/cuda is used. See Working with Custom CUDA Installation for details.
CUPY_CACHE_DIR Path to the directory to store kernel cache. ${HOME}/.cupy/kernel_cache is used by default. See Overview for details.
CUPY_CACHE_SAVE_CUDA_SOURCE If set to 1, CUDA source file will be saved along with compiled binary in the cache directory for debug purpose. It is disabled by default. Note: source file will not be saved if the compiled binary is already stored in the cache.
CUPY_DUMP_CUDA_SOURCE_ON_ERROR If set to 1, when CUDA kernel compilation fails, CuPy dumps CUDA kernel code to standard error. It is disabled by default.
CUPY_CUDA_COMPILE_WITH_DEBUG If set to 1, CUDA kernel will be compiled with debug information (--device-debug and --generate-line-info). It is disabled by default.

For install

These environment variables are only used during installation.

CUDA_PATH See the description above.
NVCC Define the compiler to use when compiling CUDA files.